five things you should know before buy samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus

Five Things You Should Know Before Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

Did Samsung make a safer battery?

The specter of the Note 7’s exploding battery hovers over the S8. The truth is, we can’t be 100 percent sure that Samsung made a safer battery until the final units are incident-free. But what we do know is that Samsung has instituted an eight-point battery test that it used on the S8 and S8 Plus, and on all phones going forward. My colleague Shara Tibken toured a korean battery facility to see how it’s done.
In addition, Samsung also claims that the S8 battery is about long-term performance rather than a short-term benchmarking burst. It’s expected to hold a longer charge after 6 months, a year and two years compared to the S7.

Five things that stand out about the Samsung Galaxy S8

  • It has its own special AI
  • Its waterproof
  • VR support is built right in
  • There is an Infinity Display that runs from edge to edge
  • It can recognize your face

Software changes from Galaxy S7

  • Android Nougat 7.0
  • Press and hold virtual home button for Google Assistant
  • Swipe up for app tray
  • Cleaner interface
  • Customizable Edge display works like shortcuts
  • Samsung Connect app works with SmartThings to let you control smart home appliances remotely


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